We only use certified material and refuse to sell anything that has not been thoroughly tested. Experience along with quality and performance make our products one of a kind.

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Old Man's Garage launched their new website with a brand new online catalog of racing products. Check out our site and tell us what you think!

Testimonials / What our clients say

Quality people, quality parts = quality results

KHR Racing

Old Man's Garage has the best and most adjustable parts that can possibly be put on a car

Terry Smith

Old Man's Garage has the best and most adjustable parts that can possibly be put on a car

Terry Smith

These bird cages are very strong and have a great deal of adjustability

Chip Brindle

OMG! When the "Old Man" puts his name on the line, their products will take you to the finish line

KHR Racing

It is nice to know that the parts on my car are made in the USA by OMG

TJ Alford Motor Group

From start to finish, OMG will not let you down

Chumbley Racing

OMG parts are so durable...the darn things just never break


Great bunch of people to work with thanks for everything and great products

Vic Hill

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American Proud

We are proud to say we create all our parts right here in the USA and provide jobs for American workers.

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